Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Artists and Leaders.

* "All phenomena are empty."- Bodhidharma- "To have a body is to suffer."

Feel a bit blank today.
Empty canvas and no idea what to paint, yet alone where to start.

I'm Just going to welcome the feeling.

Sorted things out with my boyfriend yesterday. I tried my hardest to try and convince him, and put across all the reasons why we shouldn't be together :(
*I don't even understand myself at times*
He told me to shut up..
That he knows I'm a 'mess' but 'we' can get through it together.. That he loves me..
No matter what.

Confused about everything.

* Get your head straight.
* Stop pigging out on carbs!
* Sleep, (think I'm turning into an insomniac).
* Panic about seeing the doctor tomorrow.

Went swimming today in school, was petrified someone would say something about the marks on my arm. But no one did :). Sense of relief.

* "Art is the elimination of the unnecessary." - Pablo Picasso. *


Anastasia Kirstyn said...

i'm so sorry about how you're feeling (in relation to yesterday's post too). trust me i'm right there with you. i always drink and talk, and i can't stand it but i end up hurting my friends by telling them things they shouldn't hear.
good days and bad days.
as for no one noticing the marks on your arms, that's so hopeful for me, i'm so afraid of that. i can't work out at the gym without wearing long sleeves ugh.

i hope you feel better! your boyfriend sounds like a keeper, too, and it seems like he knows he's supposed to hold on. you can hold on too! <3

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