Saturday, 20 November 2010


My view on love:
When I was younger I thought I would fall in love, that it was only a matter of time,
that it would happen and when it did it would be the best thing in the world.
That all my problems would seem to disappear and we would do anything in the world just to see each other smile.
I thought love was all about doing anything in your power for the other person no matter what pain it cause you. That you would understand what ever the other person was going through and support them, that you would never try and change them. Make them into a better person so that you can tolerate them. That there are arguments every second day, over the smallest thing. When you walk out on each other because you cant stand to think the other person is right. That you feel as if you need to try and prove you have changed and that it is still never good enough. That's reality..
Being trapped and caught in the middle of everything all your life. That the world just seems to be against you and its just waiting for you to give in.
I'm scared to be alone, but I'm scared of destroying what I have anymore.
Nothing seems to go right and I feel myself disintegrating each day.


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