Thursday, 4 November 2010


SO here's my explanation, so far..

I left home.. before I finished school..
My parents disowned me..
This is my story ..

I was at boarding school since I was 13. I hated it, I went through my highs and lows. Where my lows were getting worse and worse as you can probably tell from my previous posts, my parents turned a blind eye to the majority of these times. And I thought I cant take this anymore and I packed my bags and left this summer. I moved in with my boyfriend and his mum. Started college doing a beauty course, eventually now me and my boyfriend have got our own place.
And during all of this the fights between my family and boyfriend have got increasingly more challenging. Ive gained more weight than I ever thought I could.
And I need to pick up all the pieces and keep living.

So there I have shed a bit of light on my life and .. well I feel slightly scared of it. Well writing it here.
But I will carry on and keep riding out the storm.


AStone said...

Hey Babes!
Take babysteps, honestly, that's all you can do. Cut a snack. after that skip lunch, until at a certain point you can simply skip food again as if you have never ever been eating.
It's working for me right now. :)

Keep me updated on the progress,

Love, x

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