Thursday, 1 April 2010

No easter eggs!

Sorry ive not posted in a while, been at home.
Im bored, not left the house in days and ive been eating so much.
Weighed myself today, 55 kilos. Not as bad as I thought, but still need to get back on track. The hoiday is now over, well my food holiday.
I need to start writing down everything I eat again. It seems to really help me.

Appart from that, my ex has been speaking to me, and I know I shouldnt answer. I promised my boyfriend I wouldnt, but I cant seem to help it. Its not that I miss him, or want him back. Even tho he says he still 'loves' me. Ive moved on. I just seem to like to know how he is, and want answers to things. And I shouldnt. And I know I shouldnt break my boyfriends trust, he doesnt deserve to be hurt, he doesnt trust people easily and if I break it, thats it, gone for good. I shouldnt risk that.
But im not really doing anything wrong? Its just talking??

Past week Ive been noticing the fat creeping back on me. especially my legs.
Not acceptable. And I always do this!!
I fuck up, get back on track, do well. Then fuck up again!
Cleary I am not trying hard enough and need to stop being weak.
Rest of the holiday I will be good. No slip ups.
NO easter eggs, just coffee. :)

xx Love Panda


jessieFATTIE said...

oh hunnie i know that Easter feeling thing!
in my house im still classed as one of the kids there i get the same as they do chocolate wise, but i will resit!!! chocolate is fatting and unessential
take care

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