Friday, 21 May 2010

Old granny

Been a good day :)boring tho.. I'm really going to fail my exams, well do shit without a doubt. Iv done no work. Well I have but not enough.
My mind seems to be else where, but I'm not feeling anything if that makes sense..
And I swear since these antidepressants have had effect, Ive had nothing to write about.. Well no fierce emotions like I have felt before.. And I don't know if that's a good thing.. Its a bit boring to be honest. But at least I'm surviving! And no one is on my back for my eating!
Holiday coming up soon too.. I need to focus and try motivate myself even more so I don't mess up.
Just spent past hours looking at thinspo.. Literally hours.. repetitive clicking of a button.. But I guess that's better than repetitive chewing..
I'm living off liquids and fruit at the moment.. and no eating past 6. So far today Ive had a banana, 2 apples and an orange :)
I'm loving tea at the moment too.. my obsession for coffee seems to have faded which is quite odd... Jesus I feel like such a boring old fart... I'm talking about shit, or not talking at all.. What has happened to me!!? Sorry for the lack of personality lately :( Hope you are all keeping well!

Love always Panda x


SkinnyBitch said...

Switch the fruit up with vegetables every now and then. Fruit has a lot of unnecessary sugar and acid.

Glad the antidepressants are working; I know it's boring at first, but you'll learn to draw creativity/inspiration from elsewhere.

Stay strong <3

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